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Pro Bono Product Manager for Non-Profit Organizations and Start-Ups

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Welcome! I'm Ralf, your dedicated

Pro Bono Product Manager. 

With a journey that began two decades ago in microfinance consulting, I've embarked on a fulfilling career holding diverse roles in the financial services industry. From serving as Head of Product to driving business growth for prominent FinTechs, my experiences have granted me a profound understanding of the industry.

Yet, my true passion lies in finding purpose in my work. That's why I am absolutely thrilled to offer my expertise in product management and growth strategies to non-profit organizations, completely free of charge.

If your non-profit is eager to amplify its impact and reach new heights, I'm here to help. Reach out using the Contact Us form below, and together, we can create a meaningful and impactful collaboration. Let's make a difference, together!


Ralf - Pro Bono Product Manager

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